Corvette C3 - Matching numbers

The matching numbers term can be defined in different ways. At the very least, it means that the partial VIN code of the engine corresponds to the VIN on the pillar of the car’s windshield, but it can also mean that every component of the car is original and the stamps are correct. However, it is often considered acceptable to have some parts replaced with genuine new old stock (NOS) parts.

NOS part means "New Old Stock", which is a part that was originally produced for use by the car manufacturer for use in the production of that car or spare part purposes and has never been used.

But perhaps the most common definition is that the partial VIN of the engine block and transmission corresponds to the VIN sequence number of the frame.

You can take a closer look at the location of these codes on the main page.

At least with the rarer models, you should be careful, as there are also restampings that aim to increase the car's price because the value of classic Corvettes is increasingly dependent on the vehicle's originality.

Corvette rear

RPO (Regular Production Option)

RPO is a General Motors standard for coding vehicle configuration options.

The options are divided into groups so that e.g. A means body options, L is for engine options and M is for transmission options. Almost all C3 Corvettes were built to customer order, and dealers bought only a few cars for stock at the turn of the model year, so it is rare to find two cars that are exactly alike.

Also, certain standard equipment without extra charges, such as the engine type has its own RPO codes. The RPO codes are year-specific, so you have to check which Corvette year model it is.

You can see the C3 Corvette RPO codes by model year on the main page.

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