Corvette 1969 side pipes

The 1969 Corvette with side pipes was a car that exuded power and style. The side pipes were not only functional but also added a distinctive look that helped it stand out from other sports cars of the era. The chrome finish on the pipes added a touch of elegance to the car's aggressive styling.

The side pipes were an optional N14 Side Mounted Exhaust package, which was available during the C3 generation as a factory-installed model year 1969 only. Side pipes were offered on the C2 Corvette from 1965-1967, but for some reason, it was not available in the first year of the Corvette C3 or after 1969.

Corvette C3 side pipes
Corvette C3 side pipes

In 1969, side pipes weren't very popular, only 4,355 Corvettes were ordered with this option, but later this has become a popular mod. In fact, all C3 Corvettes have mounting holes for the side pipes ready in the frame. Catalytic converters were introduced on Corvettes in 1975, so if your state or city has emissions regulations, it may be impossible to install side pipes on newer C3 Corvettes.

The side pipes were designed to improve the car's performance by increasing the exhaust flow and reducing back pressure. This allowed the engine to breathe more freely, resulting in improved horsepower and torque, but this was never officially mentioned.

The side pipes were not without their drawbacks, however. They were known to get hot, making it difficult for passengers to get in and out of the car. They also created a significant amount of noise, which some drivers found to be excessive.

Despite these drawbacks, the side pipes on the 1969 Corvette remain one of its most iconic features. They are a symbol of the car's power and performance and have become synonymous with the Corvette brand as a whole. In fact, many modern Corvettes still feature side pipes as an homage to this classic design element.

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