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Corvette C3 VIN, trim tag & other code locations

Corvette C3 VIN Decoder

VIN (vehicle identification number) is stamped on a plate riveted to the bottom front face of the driver's windshield pillar and it is visible only through the glass.

Corvette C3 VIN location

The VIN consists of the Division code (Chevrolet), car series (Corvette), body style (coupe/convertible), engine, assembly plant (St. Louis/Bowling Green), and serial number (sequence). During the Chevrolet Corvette C3 generation, there were three different forms of VIN.

  1. 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971: 194379S100001 (13 characters)

  2. 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980: 1Z37K2S500001 (13 characters)

  3. 1981, 1982: 1G1AY8764BS400001 (17 characters)

The Corvette C3 VIN decoder also recognizes special editions based on the VIN code.

VIN info for 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982

The Corvette C3 VIN Decoder solves these codes automatically.

Corvette 1968 VINCorvette 1969 VINCorvette 1970 VINCorvette 1971 VINCorvette 1972 VINCorvette 1973 VINCorvette 1974 VINCorvette 1975 VINCorvette 1976 VINCorvette 1977 VINCorvette 1978 VINCorvette 1979 VINCorvette 1980 VINCorvette 1981 VINCorvette 1982 VIN

1968 Corvette VIN decoder

1968 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1968 VIN: 194378S400001 – 194378S428566


28,566 cars built in 1968

coupe 9,936, covertible 18,630

1969 Corvette VIN decoder

1969 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1969 VIN: 194379S700001 – 194379S738762


38,762 cars built in 1969

coupe 22,129, covertible 16,633

1970 Corvette VIN decoder

1970 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1970 VIN: 194370S400001 – 194370S417316


17,316 cars built in 1970

coupe 10,668, covertible 6,648

1971 Corvette VIN decoder

1971 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1971 VIN: 194371S100001 – 194371S12180


21,801 cars built in 1971

coupe 14,680, covertible 7,121

1972 Corvette VIN decoder

1972 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1972 VIN: 1Z37K2S500001 – 1Z37K2S527004


27,004 cars built in 1972

coupe 20,496, covertible 6,508

1973 Corvette VIN decoder

1973 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1973 VIN: 1Z37J3S400001 – 1Z37J3S434464


30,464 cars built in 1973

coupe 25,521, covertible 4,943

1974 Corvette VIN decoder

1974 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1974 VIN: 1Z37J4S400001 – 1Z37J4S437502


37,502 cars built in 1974

coupe 32,028, covertible 5,474

1975 Corvette VIN decoder

1975 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1975 VIN: 1Z37J5S400001 – 1Z37J5S438465


38,465 cars built in 1975

coupe 32,028, covertible 5,474

1976 Corvette VIN decoder

1976 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1976 VIN: 1Z37L6S400001 – 1Z37L6S446558


46,558 cars built in 1976

coupe 46,558

1977 Corvette VIN decoder

1977 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1977 VIN: 1Z37L7S400001 – 1Z37L7S449213


49,213 cars built in 1977

coupe 49,213

1978 Corvette VIN decoder

1978 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1978 VIN: 1Z87L8S400001 – 1Z87L8S440274, 1Z87L8S900001 – 1Z87L8S906502 (Corvette Pace Car)


46,777 cars built in 1978

coupe 40,275, pace car 6,502

1979 Corvette VIN decoder

1979 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1979 VIN: 1Z8789S400001 – 1Z8789S453807


53,807 cars built in 1979

coupe 53,807

1980 Corvette VIN decoder

1980 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1980 VIN: 1Z878AS400001 – 1Z878AS440614


40,614 cars built in 1980

coupe 40,614

1981 Corvette VIN decoder

1981 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1981 VIN: 1G1AY8764BS400001 – 1G1AY8764BS431611 (St. Louis), 1G1AY8764B5100001 – 1G1AY8764B5108995 (Bowling Green)


40,606 cars built in 1981

coupe 40,606

1982 Corvette VIN decoder

1982 Corvette VIN

Corvette 1982 VIN: 1G1AY8786C5100001 – 1G1AY8786C5125408


25,407 cars built in 1982

coupe 25,407

Chevrolet made a total of 542,862 C3 Corvettes.

The model year was three to four months in advance of the calendar year, so the year of manufacture of the body may be earlier than the model year.

Corvette C3 VIN Decoder automatically detects the format of the VIN and calculates the body built date from the sequence number.

If you want to know the birthday of your Corvette, you can find out with this calculator.

C3 Corvette Trim tag decoder

a trim tag or trim plate is a steel plate located directly above the driver's upper door hinge.

Corvette C3 Trim tag decoder

The trim tag consists of a body build date, trim code (interior color, leather/vinyl/cloth), and external color code. Chevrolet had recommended color combinations, but the buyer could order any exterior/interior color combination they wanted.

The body build date is the date when the partially assembled and painted body got the trim tag. The car's final assembly date is typically several days after the body build date.

The C3 Corvettes used two trim tags, the cars built at the St. Louis plant (1968-1981) there is written "Chevrolet" at the top, and the cars built at the Bowl Green plant (late 1981 - 1982) begins with the letter B or C, depending on the year of manufacture.

Trim tag 1968 - 1981 early
Trim tag 1981 late - 1982

Because the 1968 - early 1981 trim tag does not have a year mark, it must be entered into Corvette C3 Trim Tag Decoder when decoding.

Engine code, partial VIN, block casting code

The engine code (assembly date and suffix code) and partial VIN code are stamped into a pad at the front passenger side of the engine near the water pump mount area.

The engine block casting number is located on the flange that mates to the transmission bell housing.

All the Chevrolet C3 Corvettes engines were marked with an engine code at the engine assembly plant, which indicated location, date, and limited engine specifications (engine code suffix).

When the engine arrived at the body assembly plant, it was stamped with a partial VIN code consisting of a divisional code, assembly plant code, and the VIN sequential number.

Engine suffix codes may be reused over time, so you must also check the partial VIN code.

The block casting number identifies the years in which the block was in use and the cubic inches.

Corvette C3 Decoder also recognizes engine and block codes other than those used in the Corvettes.

engine cast code location

Quadrajet part number

The Quadrajet is a four-barrel carburetor, made by the Rochester Division of General Motors. It was used in all C3 Corvettes except in 1981 when crossfire injection replaced carburetors. Alongside the Quadrajet, Holley carburetors were also in use from 1968 to 1972.

Quadrajet identification information is stamped into the main body on the driver's side.

quadrajet part number location

The part number shows the year of manufacture, type of carb, division, and whether is it a manual/automatic transmission model.

Corvette C3 Decoder Quadrajet part number decoder recognizes carburetors used originally in the Chevrolet Corvettes.

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